Alessandra Carnevali

Armando Lazzari

Alessandra Geraci


Organizers of the second meeting in Trieste 2013



Born on 11 June 1963. Member of the Italian Speleological Society, president of the San Marco Speleological Group in Venice. Member of Apogon and Neritino Nargo Speleological Group. Founder and member of the photographic commission of the Venice Speleological Society. Co-founder and president of the La Salle International Team 3D. My passion for photography has always been part of my speleological activities and I have carried out many photographic projects and exhibitions. Since 2001, I have been mainly taking 3D pictures and since 2002. Since 2003, with the help of both the Italian SS and the Cuba ES, I have been working with Esteban Grau on the Bellamar Project which provides video and photographic documents in a didactic and popularization purpose. This project aims to a better knowledge and thus better protection of the Cuba karst areas thanks to extensive 3D video and photographic documents. I met Michel Renda in 2008. Together, we had the idea of setting up a 3D international photographers team who would share their pictures and their experience in order to promote the protection of natural and cultural karst areas in the world. That is how La Salle Team was born. I have been caving in Italy, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain and Cuba


I was born in 1972 and I started caving in 1998. I have explored the most important caves in Sardinia, my country, and I have been caving in Philipphines, Mexico and Argentina too. I work as a librarian for the Federazione Speleologica Sarda’s library. I have been taking photos of the underground world for three years. I have documented the most beautiful caves in Sardinia and I hope I can do the same in the most beautiful caves all around the world.