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Satoshi GOTO

Yukiko Nakagomi

Kenta Ueki

Tomoko Kuroda



Born in 1966. Living in Tokyo. I began to photograph at the age of 13 years old.

I start caving in 1982 and began to take cave photos in 1988. Mainly I take photos in Japan. Sometimes I take photos in cave expeditions or excursions of foreign countries.

Around the same time, for the cave rescue and exploration technology, I focus on activities that provide technical introduction to Japan from abroad.

I result of those activities, from 1998 to the present is a councilor of the Speleological Society of Japan (National speleological organizations; join the UIS), until 2008-2011 I was in the position of chairman.

Currently, I also am Japan delegate of UIS, Vice President of the Asian Federation of Speleology.

 And now, I have spent half of cave activities to cave photo. I have the remaining half, an activity related to the cave education, Speleological Society of Japan and Asian Federation of Speleology.

 Yukiko Nakagomi is my good assistant and model over nine years. Tomoko KURODA repeated several overseas cave expedition, now, she has started learning the cave photo. Though Kenta UEKI he is a cave experience is small, he has appeared in many cave in Japan.