Mirjam Widmer (Mü)

Leda Zogbi

Christa Locke


Mirjam has been an enthusiastic amateur photographer for a long time. Capturing her views and sharing them with others is important to her. In 2004, she discovered cave exploring, her other passion. Since her first trip, her camera has been a constant companion and it was then that her passions started merging together.


With the AGS-Regensdorf, a section of Swiss Speleological Society (SGH), she learned the single rope technique, the rigging, surveying and mapping of caves.

For 4 years she has been chairwoman of the club.

For some years she was an active member of the commission responsible for the protection of caves and karst of SGH.

Mirjam’s main activity is the research in the region of Gamsalp, Churfirsten. Furthermore, she participates in the resurvey of the Nidlenloch and the exploration of the Neuenburger cave as well as the Hölloch.


In 2008 she exhibited her photographs of mines at the gallery for Swiss Photography in Zurich.


During the 13th Swiss Speleology Congress “Speleodiversity” in which, among others, Mirjam headed the Multimedia department, she made many contacts with cave photographers from around the world. With their help she was able to further develop her knowledge in cave photography.


At the international congress Leda Zogbi (a Brazilian caver, involved in cave mapping in her country), Christa Locke (a German caver, interested in underground biology) and Mirjam got to know each other. Together they visited caves in Mallorca and in the South of France and learned that they complemented one another as a photography team.