The Organizers

Antonio Danieli

Born on 11 June 1963.Member of the Italian Speleological Society, president of the San Marco Speleological Group in Venice. Member of Apogon and Neritino Nargo Speleological Group.Founder and member of the photographic commission of the Venice Speleological Society. Co-founder and President of the La Salle International Team 3 D. My passion for photography has always been part of my speleological activities and I have carried out many photographic projects and exhibitions.Since 2001, I have been mainly taking 3D pictures and since 2002.Since 2003, with the help of both the Italian SS and the Cuba ES, I have been working with Esteban Grau on the Bellamar Project  which provides video and photographic documents in a didactic and popularization purpose. This project aims to a better knowledge and thus better protection of the Cuba karst areas thanks to extensive 3D video and photographic documents. I met Michel Renda in 2008. Together, we had the idea of setting up a 3D international photographers team  who would share their pictures and their experience in order to promote the protection of natural and cultural karst areas in the world. That is how La Salle Team was born.Have I been caving in Italy, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain and Cuba

Peter Gedei


Peter Gedei is an experienced cave photographer and caver from Slovenia. He lives and works in Ljubljana and has been a member of Speleo Club Železničar since 1987. After first attempts he has been seriously involved with cave photography in the 90's and since then his camera always accompanies him on every cave trip. He received  numerous awards in domestic and international contests and published photographs in magazines, books and calendars. On the last contest in Slovenia he won the first prize among 8500 photographs. He is also involved with stereo photography and video. He is a member of La Salle 3D Team and publisher of the Slovenian cave magazine Jamar.

His webpage is

Franco Gherlizza


I was born in Trieste on 19 november 1951, and I recently reached 50 years of activity. Since 1971 I’m involved in caving teaching in schools of every type and level and I’m caving instructor since 1974, the year in which I joined CNSAS.

I left it in 1993 after that I served in the last three years the position of National Coordinator of the Prevention of Accidents Commission. I have held numerous positions of presidency, among which: College of speleological guides of FVG, Speleological Federation FVG, Regional and Speleological Federation “Triestina”.

I was lucky to attend, since 1975, to about forty caving fields both nationally and internationally. In 2000 I organized in Trieste the International Meeting of Speleology called "Bora 2000", which was attended by over 3000 cavers from all over the world. Actually I can present an editorial production of a dozen books and over 150 papers on speleology, mountaineering and artificial cavities.

Over 110 natural caves are registered to the Land Registry and more than 230 artificial cavities are detected. Today I deal in disclose with a decent success. Specifically: prevention of accidents in cave, teaching in schools and legends related to the world of caves. Other passion: the organization of speleological expeditions around the world and the video-documentation. 

Louis Torelli


Louis Torelli, is currently the 18th President of the Grotte della Societá Alpina delle Giulie (Julian Alpine Cave Society) Commission. He was born in Adelaide (Australia), on May 1, 1958. In the '70s he became part of "Boegan", and worked together with a group of young people who revolutionized the speleological progression from aluminium ladders to ropes, utilizing the American method (Gibbs) to then adopt French techniques. During this period he worked for the regional cadastre mapping the caves of Friuli Venezia Giulia. In 1984 he oversaw the organization for the permanent exhibition L’Uomo e la grotta (Man and the cave) at the Museum of Speleology at Grotta Gigante. During the 1980s and 1990s, he participated in all the explorative campaigns in Italy (Canin, Tuscany, Campania, Calabria, Stufe of S.Calogero in Siciliy, Marguareis) and abroad (Mexico, Yugoslavia, Austria). In 1982/83 he interrupted this activity due to professional reasons that took him to Mozambique. Here he becomes interested in photography and publishes various articles not only in specialized journals but also in national journals such as “Alp” or “La rivista della Montagna”. After 1995 he was directly involved in entering important caves such as “Pier San Martin” in France and the BU 56 (Illamina’ko Ateak) on the Spanish Pyrenees. He also explored the largest caves of the triestine Karst. From 2008 onwards his main commitments have been in Albania, Slovenia and Sicily. He worked as a volunteer at the CNSAS until 2010 and is a member of the College and Speleological guide of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region since 2002. As well as being amongst one of the founders of the magazine Progressione in 1978, he was also its Managing Editor from 2001 to 2008. Contributor to various magazines, he currently has sixty speleological publications to his credit. His last presidential activities for the Cave Commission E. Boegan consisted of promoting an important conference on the subterranean river Timavo (2010) together with the University of Trieste – Department of Geosciences, and organizing the 21st National Congress of Speleology held at Trieste in 2011. Together with “Monte Analogo” he organizes the Alpi Giulia Cinema festival held every year in Trieste.

                organization helpers           

Alessandra Carnevali - secretary

Venezia - Gruppo Speleologico San Marco

assistant photographer

Asia & Alex Danieli


Armando Lazzari

Venezia - Gruppo Speleologico San Marco

assistant photographer

top model

Massimo Arvali

Venezia - Gruppo Speleologico San Marco

assistant photographer

Alessandra Geraci

Catania -

assistant photographer

Cristiana Cilla & Marcello Vargiu


assistant photographer

Sybille Kilchmann


Luca Cuttitta

Napoli - La Macchina del Tempo

Francesco Maurano

Summonte, Avellino -