An enthusiastic team of experienced cavers are working hard to make this a memorable experience for all. In spite of all preparations, we know that everything will not go smoothly. There will be problems, issues and complaints - we only ask you to be patient and understanding as we sort these out.

We wish everybody to go back with great memories and new or forged friendships, having had a great time with fellow cave photographers. Come and enjoy the experience!

Havva Yıldırım Çoltu

Born 1985

Philologist/Educational Consultant

Lives in Istanbul, Turkey


Sencer Çoltu

Born 1974

Electronic Engineer

Lives in İstanbul, Turkey

Havva has been caving since 2005, she the president of Cave Research Association in Ankara (MAD - founded in 1964) and also an active member of Boğaziçi International Cave Exploration Society (BUMAD) in Istanbul. She took part in many major expeditions of different caving clubs in Turkey with her husband Sencer. She attended the 2nd Meeting of Cave Photographers in Trieste in 2013 as assistant to photographer M. Albukrek (and enjoyed being there tremendously).

Sencer doesn't like to talk about himself so this is written by someone else:
Sencer doesn't like to talk about anything much really. He is bold and getting old and a bit fat (young cavers calling him by the nickname "grandpa" should give you an idea). Despite all this, he remains one of the most active and experienced cavers in the Turkish caving scene, so he should be tolerated. He'll be coordinating all the rigging in the caves for this meeting, so any complaints in this area should be addressed to him.

Murat Eğrikavuk

Born 1966

Electrical Engineer

Lives in Istanbul, Turkey

Emine Azak

Born 1965


Lives in Istanbul, Turkey

Murat has been caving since 1985 and has been fortunate to take part in several new cave explorations. Over the years, he took part in activities in, and made contributions to several clubs. He was most recently editor/publisher of the caving magazine Obruk. He was also coordinator for the survey of the longest known cave in Turkey. He took part in surveying 3 of the ten longest caves, and 2 of the ten deepest caves in Turkey. He contributed to speleology symposiums and expeditions in Turkey, Switzerland and Lebanon.

Emine started caving in 2005 and has been very active since then. In addition to taking part in several cave explorations in Turkey, she was also an important member in exploration of several underground artificial cavities, including tunnels below the Hagia Sophia and Topkapı Palace in Istanbul. She was a regular contributor in Obruk magazine. She presented articles in both local and international speleology symposiums. Emine most recently took part in the International Speleological Expedition to Lebanon.

Ali Ethem Keskin

Born 1957

Electronic Engineer

Free lance diver & photographer

Istanbul, Turkey


Ali has been caving since 2000. He is one of the leading underwater and cave photographers in Turkey. His articles and photographs are regularly published in several magazines. He is a member of OBRUK and BUMAD caving clubs in Turkey. He is actively participating in many caving expeditions around Turkey. Amongst the featured contributions are: Tunnels of Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sopia, Underground Cities of Kayseri, Gaziantep Ancient Underground Water Distribution System Exploration and Insuyu Cave exploration.

Metin Albukrek

Born 1963

Environmental Eng.


İstanbul, Turkey



Metin started cave photography right from his very first caving experience back in 1982. Since then, he took part in several expeditions in Turkey photographing a wide variety of underground environments including historical artificial cavities, man made tunnels as well as large cave systems. His underground photography has been published in magazines, newspapers and calendars (Speleoprojects) including the Turkish edition of National Geographic. He is among the founders of caving club BUMAD in Istanbul.

Metin was a participant in the 2nd International Meeting of Cave Photographers, Trieste 2013.